It is no secret that I love skin masks and if you checked out Confessions of a Hoarder it is no secret that I tend to collect beauty products. So it should be no surprise when I say that I have a ton of sheet masks and way too many wash off masks.

Instagram has given me excuses to use my masks with challenges. I have already used a bunch participating in #OctoberMaskChallenge#FriendsMasking Challenge  and  #MarvelousMaskChallenge. These challenges have daily themes and you pick a mask that matches the theme. It is fun and I enjoy the sense of community.


So I was very excited when @mindyourbeauty and @melubbeauty came up with a Valentine’s themed challenge. I enjoy going through my masks and picking the ones that fit the theme of the day. Keep reading to see what masks I used for this challenge.

2/8 Smitten / new mask love – Leaders 7 Wonders Kalahari Melon Moisturizing Mask. I have tried most of the other 7 Wonders masks and loved them all. This is just as good as all the others I have tried.  My skin was plump and hydrated.

2/9 Bee Mine / honey mask – BoomDeAhDah Honey Every Day Mask Nourishing. It did leave my skin feeling nourished but I didn’t see any brightening. It was a decent mask and I am happy to have gotten to try it. I don’t think I would buy it because there are so many better honey masks out there. 

2/10 Romantic Night In / pamper – Orga Plus Rich Yet Light-Weight Mask ExtraThis mask is so moisturizing that I feel pampered after using it.

2/11 – Cupid / love from a friend – I got this @thecremeshop Charcoal Almond Fusion mask in a #friendmail from the sweet @dianalovesskincare. I like this mask. My pores liked smaller and clean. My face was soft and smooth. It was plump and bright. This is a keeper

2/12 Red Hot / fancy mask – Papa Recipe Bombee Ginseng Red Honey Oil Mask Pack.  I picked this because I think the packaging looks fancy with the red and gold accents.  The scent is beyond amazing. It smells like honey and ginseng combined to make this warm earthy scent. This is the best smelling mask I have ever used. It left my face plump and bouncy.

2/13 Roses are Red / floral mask – Fresh Rose Face MaskI like this mask but I don’t love it. I would never pay $62 for the full size.

2/14 Candy Kisses / sweet mask – Biome 20 Minute Miracle Mask with Pomegranate and Blue Berries. It also had collagen and Hyaluronic Acid. My face felt moisturized and was a bit brighter. This was a decent mask and I’m glad I got to try it.

It was fun participating in this challenge and finding masks to fit the themes. I also enjoyed seeing what masks the other participants picked. It gave me ideas on what masks I need to buy when I work through some of my stash.

Do you participate in Instagram challenges? Do you mask regularly? What are some of your favorite masks?

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9 thoughts on “#ValentinesMaskChallenge

  1. Hi, I have couple of questions. No hurry just when you you have time. Does the price of a sheet mask make a difference in how well it works? Also I was wondering if you had any suggestions for softening the under eye and crows feet area? That area is always hard for me. Thanks

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    1. You can get some great she et masks at TJ Maxx or Marshalls for about $1 a sheet in boxes of 5 or 10. I won’t spend more than $3 a sheet because I don’t see much difference. I don’t know about the undereyes and crows feet. I’m fighting that losing battle myself.

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    1. I took a break and just haven’t found the motivation to cone back yet. Thanks for thinking of me. I have been posting on Instagram. If feels like so much less effort than writing a blog post.

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