Makeup for a Hot and Humid Day in Charleston

I went to South Carolina for vacation. If you have ever been in South Carolina in July you know how hot and humid it is. I tried to pack makeup products that would last and not leave me looking greasy. I still wanted to look good in that climate. This us no easy task if you are outside. We spent a day in Charleston walking around the city. It was 93 degrees but felt like 106 degrees. That will melt just about anything you have on your face!


This is what I  looked like at the beginning if the day.
This is what I looked like at the beginning if the day.
This is how I looked after walkng around Charleston for about 3 hours.
This is how I looked after walking around Charleston for about 3 hours.

These are the products I chose to wear for my day trip. On my face I used:

Clinique City Block 13 SPF – this is a tinted, oil-free sunscreen. It creates a nice base for foundation.

Physicians Formula Argan Wear BB Cream in the shade light-medium. This BB Cream has a mousse-like consistency and the coverage is sheer to medium. It blends well and the coverage is good. It does cake in the lines under my eyes and have a slight orange cast.It is a dewy finish that I have to tone down with powder. It goes on better with a sponge or brush but I use my fingers due to the loud smell. It has an spf of 20 so it also provides sun protection. BB Creams are a good choice in the heat and humidity because you don’t need to use an extra moisturizer or primer. This allows you to ave fewer layers on your face to melt off.

elf HD Blush in the shade Superstar. This is a highly pigmented cream blush. The first time I used it I looked like a clown. This time I applied sparingly and blended with a stipple brush. Cream blushes work best in the heat and humidity. Powder blushes can get cakey and/or streaky in the heat and humidity.

Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in the shade 003 Natural. If you have oily skin this is the powder for you. It kept my face as matte as it could be in those conditions. It is my favorite pressed powder.

For my eyes I used:

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette – this is a nice palette that has mostly neutral shades with a few pops of color. It blends well and stays put.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Kohl Eyeliner in the shade Summer Brown. This is just your basic eyeliner pencil in a dark brown shade. It goes on smooth and stays there.

Wet n Wild Mega Protein Waterproof Mascara in the shade black. This mascara adds length but does not give much volume. It is a wet mascara when new. I haven’t had it long enough to see how it works when it has time to dry out a bit.

And on my lips:

Avon Beyond Color Lipstick in the shade Uptown Pink. It has an spf of 15. I love this lipstick and this shade! It is a neutral pink shade that looks good with a lot of different looks. It feels good on the lips and lasts all day.


My look held up fairly well in that extreme heat and humidity. The products that I feel did best were the lipstick, eyeliner, and BB Cream. They lasted as well as could be expected in those conditions.Without a doubt the big loser for the day was the Wet n Wild Waterproof mascara. By the end of the day it had melted and was all over my eyelids and crease. It was the least waterproof mascara I have ever used! It was so bad that I actually purchased another brand of waterproof mascara to use the rest of the week.