Blogmas #23 – My Black Friday Purchases

I took advantage of Black Friday specials to pick up a couple of items from Sephora for me. I love all the kits that are available this time of the year. They give me the opportunity to try products without having to invest in full sizes before I know that they work for me. I… Continue reading Blogmas #23 – My Black Friday Purchases

P.M. Skincare Routine Fall

My nighttime skincare routine is a bit more complicated than my A.M. Skincare Routine. I like to try all kinds of new products and with all my monthly subscriptions I get a lot of samples each month. I alternate products so  I use different products every other night. The products I choose are influenced by my… Continue reading P.M. Skincare Routine Fall

5 Faves November 2016

November started out warmer than usual. We had days that were in the 70’s and 80’s with nights in the 40’s. It stayed fairly humid for a lot of the month too. Even with that, the air was getting dryer and colder and my skin saw some changes. My skin was feeling a little dryer… Continue reading 5 Faves November 2016