Restarting Tretinoin – Month 5

I started using tretinoin in mid-April. I used it until a week before I went to the beach and the week I was there. Sun exposure can damage your skin when you use tretinoin and I wanted to avoid that. You can learn more by reading  Tretinoin (Retin A) and  Tretinoin / Retin-A Cheat Sheet. I… Continue reading Restarting Tretinoin – Month 5

Boxycharm January 2017

I subscribe to several beauty subscription services but I am always most eager to see what comes in my Boxycharm. You can see why – November BoxyCharm,  July Boxycharm,  Boxycharm – August 2016,  Boxycharm October 2016,  Boxycharm November 2016,  and Boxycharm December 2016.  It is the most expensive subscription I have at $21 per month but I… Continue reading Boxycharm January 2017

Korean Skincare Routine

Korean skincare has become mainstream. Target carries Korean and other Asian skincare products now. Many of us have incorporated products into our routines already. I have read a lot about Korean beauty routines and have decided to use all k-beauty products for a month to see how it works for me. I have a monthly… Continue reading Korean Skincare Routine

Restarting Tretinoin – 4th Month

To be totally accurate, I have been using Tretinoin (Retin A) for around 7 months with a 2-week break to go to the beach this summer. I was using 0.05% daily at the time I took a break. It had gone well in the beginning so I didn’t give my skin time enough to adjust and used… Continue reading Restarting Tretinoin – 4th Month

P.M. Skincare Routine Fall

My nighttime skincare routine is a bit more complicated than my A.M. Skincare Routine. I like to try all kinds of new products and with all my monthly subscriptions I get a lot of samples each month. I alternate products so  I use different products every other night. The products I choose are influenced by my… Continue reading P.M. Skincare Routine Fall

Restarting Tretinoin – 3rd Month

I used tretinoin for 3 months before going to the beach on vacation. I stopped using it a week before I left and the week I was there to avoid sun damage to my skin. I had flaking the first time around and wanted to avoid it when I started using it again after getting… Continue reading Restarting Tretinoin – 3rd Month

Restarting Tretinoin – 2nd month

I began my second month still using tretinoin every third night. I was having flaking almost daily when I applied makeup. My neck was having flaking but my chest was not. I used my AHA masks occasionally on nights I didn’t apply tretinoin. I also was using Paula’s Choice BHA lotion on the nights I didn’t… Continue reading Restarting Tretinoin – 2nd month

Restarting Tretinoin after Vacation: First Month

This is updated with photos to show the flaking.

Makeup and Skin Care for Mature Skin

I went to the beach in South Carolina the week of July 16th. It was hot, humid, and the sun was hot! The sun and Tretinoin do not mix at all and based on my research I stopped using it 1 week before I left and the week I was there. This was to reduce my skin’s sensitivity to sunburn and photoaging. Tretinoin exfoliates old, dead skin to reveal fresh, new skin that burns and ages more quickly with even minimal sun exposure. I do not need any more dark spots on my face.

I followed my normal skin routine while there except for adding in a BHA exfoliating lotion and using an AHA mask that week. BHA and AHA are hydroxy acids which help break the bonds that hold skin cells together to reveal fresh skin. Some people are able to use them once their skin is totally adjusted…

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My Take on Sunscreen – Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Tinted

I started using sunscreen regularly a year or so ago. I had started a new skincare regimen and wanted to start really addressing aging. This year I started tretinoin (generic for Retin A) and realized that I needed to step up my sunscreen to prevent photoaging. You can learn more about tretinoin here and here. I tried several… Continue reading My Take on Sunscreen – Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46 Tinted

Starting Tretinoin

I started using Tretinoin cream, generic for Retin A, on April 18. I followed advice I found researching the topic online. My number one source of information was Angie at HotandFlashy on You Tube: .  She has some really good information. I also read blogs and posts from a lot of different sources.For some basic information… Continue reading Starting Tretinoin